TrustWell® & Continuous Monitoring

Independent third-party assessment and continuous monitoring of your environmental performance.


Canary Certifications are focused on longevity. Responsible, sustainable operations have gone from a nice to have to a need to have in order to maintain long-term capacity for your pipeline.

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Our policy addresses the governing standards established by the company pertaining to all elements of operations including pipelines and compressor stations.

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Our plan is specific to a pipeline or facility in a given region.

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Our execution is location-specific and validates that best practices are utilized and followed.

Localization Matters.

Every location and type of operation has different risk factors and drivers. Our assessment starts by understanding how your operation and locations compare to others via systematically evaluating against our facility datasets.

Local Factors

  • Air sensitivity
  • Offset drilling and completion operations
  • Weather severity
  • Facility age
  • Flow potential
  • H2S
  • Pit usage
  • And more than 40 additional categories

Control Measures

  • Casing and cement
  • Well integrity
  • Spill prevention
  • Emissions controls
  • Water stewardship
  • Well control
  • Emergency response
  • Community engagement
  • And more than 20 other categories

Verified Attributes:

A TrustWell Verified Attribute focuses on a single attribute of a facility or operator, highlighting exceptional performance through qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Low Methane Verified Attribute: Highlights performance surrounding emissions monitoring, methane intensity, and corrective actions.

Freshwater Friendly Verified Attribute: Focuses on competitive freshwater usage and mitigating the effects of operations on local water sources.

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Project Canary Continuous Monitoring:

Catch small leaks before they become big leaks.

Canary Continuous Monitoring means E&P operators can assure stakeholders they are using the most effective, advanced technology to reduce methane intensity.

Every few seconds, 24/7, Project Canary sensors monitor, measure and record emissions of methane and VOCs. Every minute the sensors report the data averages to the cloud.

Independent, third-party data allows oil and gas producers to provide assurances that methane intensity levels are being achieved, providing customers with a differentiated Responsibly Sourced Gas alternative.

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