Project Canary Merges with Independent Energy Standards

The new joint company, International Environmental Standards, will combine continuous emissions monitoring technology with high quality TrustWell certification to create best-in-class provider of independent ESG performance data

Our Mission Is To

Clear the Air. Protect Our Industries. Protect Our Environment.



1 – Continuous

Our units never sleep. Every few minutes they monitor, measure, record and report emissions, wind speed and direction, temperature, barometric pressure, and other relevant data, to the Canary Cloud. The Canary Cloud employs artificial intelligence to monitor the proper operation of every unit and instantly send alerts if a serious emission event occurs.

2 – Rugged

Unit sensors are rugged, all-weather devices with no moving parts and no required or scheduled maintenance during their projected ten-year service life. They are solar powered, so no batteries are required and they don’t rely on the grid.

3 – Simple

The Project Canary solution is easy to deploy, manage and use. With its GPS positioning technology, there is nothing for the operator to configure or adjust. Just place units at the corners of the wellsite and the cellular radio begins sending data to the Canary Cloud. That’s it!

4 – Affordable

The Project Canary solution is extremely affordable and significantly less expensive than competing technologies, including IR cameras, satellite and drone monitoring.

Real-time Environmental Monitoring


Continuous, real-time monitoring

The Project Canary solution continuously monitors Methane and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) levels at the wellsite, and has the modularity to solve for a myriad of air quality conditions. Unlike intermittent methods, such as infrared cameras, drones and satellites, the unit flock detects when an emissions leak is occurring in real-time, enabling an operator to rapidly mobilize an LDAR team to the site and minimize fugitive emissions.

Reduce emissions, capture more value

Project Canary helps operators reduce emissions of Methane and VOCs, capture more value from their production streams, responsibly develop energy resources and demonstrate their commitment to safe, emission-free operations.

Independent data for evidencing ESG performance

Project Canary’s independent environmental data platform provides quality data to evidence ESG performance, including methane intensity. As more oil and gas producers target reductions in methane intensity, the need for quality data is increasing.

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Project Canary offers the first continuous, real time, cost effective monitoring of fugitive gas emissions

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