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The TrustWell by Project Canary process evaluates Oil & Gas, Energy, and Agriculture’s operational impact on land, air, water, and communities putting data and insights at operator’s fingertips on an independent data platform.

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo., May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- UP Energy, LLC announced today that it has changed its name to PureWest Energy, LLC ("PureWest" or the "Company") effective immediately.  The new name,...

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TrustWell™ by Project Canary Certification

Project Canary, an International Environmental Standards Company, is here to clear the air and protect our environment.


CONTINUOUS MONITORING Our units never sleep. Every minute they report emission and meteorological data to the secure Canary ESG Platform. We employ predictive analytics to monitor the proper operation of every unit, and to instantly send an alert if a serious emission event occurs. LEARN MORE INDEPENDENT DATA PLATFORM The Canary ESG Platform provides trusted, quality data to evidence ESG performance across the areas of Land, Air, Water, and Community. With Methane Intensity becoming a growing concern, our real time air quality data gives organizations a way to demonstrate the success of their environmental efforts LEARN MORE RIGOROUS CERTIFICATION The Trustwell™ Certification Process includes the independent collection and validation of hundreds of different empirical data points to generate an overall performance score and a performance score in the areas of Land, Air, Water, and Community. LEARN MORE TRUSTED ESG REPORTING If you don't measure it, you can't report it. Our Canary ESG Platform stores and delivers verifiable environmental data, so ESG reporting is based on facts and actual performance, not just estimates. LEARN MORE

Our solutions help Energy companies Collect, Manage, Operationalize and Benefit from independent environmental performance data. 


As businesses begin to work to meet their aggressive climate goals, the impacts of their energy supply chain on the environment have long been overlooked. Project Canary is here to ensure that commitments to environmental progress are met by using real time, continuous data and rigorous certification methods. Any organization’s ability to meet their environmental  targets is a critical element driving decision making for policymakers, investors, and communities.

Most ESG reporting today is based on estimates and incomplete methods that are easy to discredit, leaving companies open to criticism, further eroding trust.

We offer organizations a data-driven, rigorous environmental performance solution that accounts for emissions from the moment energy is produced until the moment it is used.


About Project Canary

Project Canary is the data-driven foundation of the energy ESG marketplace. We accelerate progress to net-zero with continuous monitoring and uncompromising certification technology.

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