Differentiate Commodities and Demonstrate ESG Leadership


Emissions Management

A user-friendly platform that quantifies and reconciles emissions data in real-time.

24/7 Emissions Insights

Make SENSE of your sensor data

  • Bottoms-up reconciliation of your total emissions footprint
  • All-in-one platform for enhanced risk management, reporting, and decision-making


Sensing Devices

Reliably accurate, 24/7 monitoring for high-fidelity methane detection.

Reduce Emissions

Total site visibility to manage and monetize your molecules

  • Wellpad customization siting based on environment, lower detection limit, and target gas needs
  • Detect methane emissions, volatile organic compound (VOC) levels, ozone issues, offsite, and fugitive emissions


Environmental Risk Assessments

Rigorous, independent environmental assessments of Air, Water, Land, and Community.

Manage Environmental Risk

Differentiate your molecules with environmental attribute characterization

  • Holistic operational performance across Air, Water, Land, and Community
  • TrustWell® facility-level dynamic scoring


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late summer glacier

How It Works

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    Rigorous engineering-based asset-level assessments of Air, Water, Land, and Community

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    Evaluate existing risk-mitigation efforts

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    Aggregate and structure data from sensors, flyovers, and other sources in a single platform

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    Advanced regression and Gaussian plume models to localize and quantify total site emissions

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    Improve performance, decision-making, and sustainability reporting, based on actionable insights

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