Buyers Are Seeking Verifiable Environmental Attributes.

Add low-methane intensity gas to your portfolio and navigate the RSG market with the most sophisticated data and reporting.


Higher methane emissions leak rate than reported


of total gas volumes in the U.S. already certified low methane


Social cost per metric ton of methane emitted

Why Switch To Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG)?

  • Deliver environmentally responsible, low-cost energy to your customers
  • Differentiation and leadership at a time of heightened climate awareness
  • Give your customers confidence in your ESG & Sustainability goals
  • Use your buying power to drive meaningful change throughout the energy supply chain
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How We Help You Make
The Low-Methane Switch

  • Provide auditable environmental attribute data grounded in state of the art sensor-suites that continuously monitor production and transmission
  • Identify and connect you with top-tier RSG producers
  • Work with your producers to deliver auditable 3rd party independent emissions data and environmental assessments

Pathway To Zero

Comprehensive assessments for air, water, land, and local communities across the energy value chain.

Deploy sensor-suites to reconcile emissions data for on-demand action and reporting.

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How It Works

As an independent data provider, we help you identify and connect with top-tier RSG producers who have trackable Climate Attribute Data.

Simple implementation through an RSG addendum on your standard NAESB contract.

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What We Do

Help utilities and buyers navigate and scale differentiated gas purchases.

Support stakeholder and policymaker education, help manage the RFI/RFP process, and connect you with producers.

As a Public Benefit Corp. and independent data provider, we don’t participate in RSG transactions. Our business model relies on providing data and environmental assessments to E&Ps. The real benefit is helping utilities decarbonize.

Partner With Us

Partner with Project Canary and become a low-methane partner by adding Responsibly Sourced Gas to your portfolio. We’ve worked with utilities like Xcel Energy, Washington Gas, New Jersey Natural Gas, Nicor Gas, and Colorado Springs Utilities to ensure that their customers have the option to receive lower carbon footprint gas.

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Nicor Takes Action To Reduce Methane Emissions With Purchase Of Responsibly Sourced Natural Gas

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xcel Energy, CreSTONe Peak Resources, And Project Canary Form Certified Low-Emission Intensity Natural Gas Partnership Program

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Colorado Energy Organization Launch First-Of-Its-Kind Responsibly Sourced Natural Gas Partnership


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