Responsibly Sourced Gas

The RSG Revolution is Here

Differentiate your gas to access the RSG market.

What Is Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG)?

Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG) is natural gas that has undergone independent 3rd party assessment that molecules were produced under specified environmental best practices. Calculating methane intensity, water usage, and other climate factors helps producers meet standards set by gas buyers, academics, and other stakeholders.


Why Rsg Matters:

  • Operators and buyers can differentiate molecules in response to market, community, and regulatory pressures
  • Serves as an essential component of sustainability and energy transition strategies
  • Offers an immediate, impactful decarbonization solution for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions through the value chain
  • Enables buyers to select gas supplies that meet their specific environmental standards

Accessing the RSG Market

We help producers and operators independently assess and rate their environmental performance on a measured, facility-level basis.

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buyers | How Our solutions Meet Your requirements

  • Measured and quantified methane emissions and total site emissions 
  • Environmental risk assessments include a dynamic score tied to Air, Water, Land, and Community impacts
  • Registry-ready climate attribute data
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sellers | Our Engineers Know That Every Pad Is Different

  • Gas production facilities are complex and vary based on geography, lifecycle, equipment, and other critical factors
  • Customized digital canopy created based on specific requirements – including the right monitoring solutions based on Sustainability goals 
  • Quarterly data reviews include emissions profile for continuous improvement
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