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Our performance rubric is the most comprehensive assessment and monitoring process available.

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How to Use Environmental Assessments: Investor Reporting, Differentiated Gas, Communicate ESG Performance, M&A Due Diligence, and more.

Olympus Energy’s TrustWell Experience

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Trustwell By Project Canary Audit

Qualitative & Quantitative TrustWell by Project Canary audit is a holistic operational performance review that provides defensible dynamic scores at the facility level.

  • 01

    Robust, multivariate audit performed by professional team with over 100 years of combined mechanical, chemical and petroleum engineering experience.

  • 02

    Site visits to every wellbore/facility being assessed (USA, Canada, EMEA, APAC).

  • 03

    600+ data points evaluated across 26 categories.

  • 04

    Customer-provided documentation is reviewed per wellbore.

  • 05

    Final TrustWell reports delivered to customer team including improvement plan and additional ESG Sustainability recommendations. VIEW SAMPLE REPORT

Evaluate Environmental Responsibility Across Four Key Categories

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Reduce GHG Emissions

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Demonstrate Responsible Water Stewardship

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Mitigate Operational Risks and Impacts on Localized Environments

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Emphasize the Local Community’s Needs and Interests

Freshwater Metrics Validated By Academia

Water use evaluation is a key focus of our Environmental Assessment. Project Canary’s program features freshwater use metrics validated by Colorad State University's Center for Energy Water Sustainability. Download the White Paper.

The Fresh Water Replacement Ratio (FR2) addresses the degree to which an operator offsets competitive water usage and minimizes impacts in areas with water scarcity issues while also considering geographic water stress factors.

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