Environmental Assessments (Trustwell 2.0)


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    The differentiated gas market has evolved. Transparency is fundamental to a sustainable energy transition.

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    Markets care about methane. We're separating our Low Methane Rating (LMR) from TrustWell to spotlight emissions performance.

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    We're giving buyers and producers granular visibility into environmental performance.

Meet TrustWell 2.0

What goes into the industry's most comprehensive environmental assessment? Welcome to the Environmental Assessments resource hub.

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Project Canary offers holistic environmental assessments. A TrustWell score is based on how Control Measures (internal processes) and Local Factors (the inherent risk profile of an operation) map to various threats or events that could happen on location.

We now also offer a stand-alone Low Methane Rating (LMR) that puts the spotlight methane intensity, looking at pad-level emissions performance while also including an operator's low methane intensity at the basin level.

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