Financial Markets

Emissions Data For Financial Services

Investors, lenders, and insurance providers are looking beyond primary financial data to make informed investments and evaluate risks and returns.

Harness Your Emissions Data

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Empirical data and environmental assessments enable our customers to share key sustainability metrics with investors, lenders, and insurance providers.

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Project Canary data establishes meaningful KPIs that track annual improvements and comply with Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles.

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Project Canary ESG data and scoring allow investors and financial markets to reward environmental performance across public and private operators.

Helping Operators And Investors Differentiate Assets And Improve SUSTAINABILITY Profiles.

“The ability to quantify environmental performance data is becoming increasingly important as owners and investors prioritize greenhouse gas emissions reduction and adapt to a global economy that is moving toward net-zero...

Project Canary’s solutions have been used within our portfolio companies and this investment in a high-growth area represents a meaningful addition to our Sustainable Energies program.”

Bruce Hogg, Managing Director, Head Of Sustainable EnergY At Cpp Investments

Capital Markets Applications

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Sustainability-Linked Notes

KPI For Institutional Investors

Focus on a specific set of environmental KPIs (e.g., % of production monitored, methane emissions) resulting in potential pricing discounts and more exposure to a broader pool of institutional investors.

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Equity Research

Valuable Valuation Insights

Emissions data and insight into a company’s actual environmental footprint for company positioning and market valuation.

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M&A Tool

Due Diligence Tool

Buy-side and sell-side environmental assessment diligence tools to evaluate the emissions risk of assets during a transaction process.

Case Studies

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Purewest Completes Follow-On Upstream Energy Securitization

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Project Canary Enters Into Strategic Arrangement With Quantum Energy

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