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2022 Energy Predictions

Predictions are a funny thing in a turbulent atmosphere. COVID (still), the rise of the millennial workforce (shifting priorities), climate attitudes (different than last year), and global resilience (innate human attribute) all factor heavily into both the sell-side...

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Stop Methane Emissions Now to Power the Regenerative Future

By Chris Romer Here’s a simple truth: the world uses natural gas for heat and electricity at home and work every day. Demand will grow by 31.6% until 2035, when it’s expected to plateau as the energy transition matures. Renewable energy sources and battery storage...

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On Engineering Standards

After a decade in the field as a petroleum engineer, often in remote areas and exposed to extreme conditions, I learned that that by and large, there aren't many huge leaks, but the aggregate of tiny leaks from o-rings and gaskets can really start to add up....

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Project Canary and the Energy Supply Chain

Over half of the energy today in the United States comes from fossil fuels (~60%), with natural gas representing about 40% of our energy generation and coal representing approximately 20%. The remainder of the electric grid is sourced from renewable sources, like...

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Why Each Measurement Matters

I sometimes get pushback on why we need to collect data every second of every minute from each well pad. At Project Canary, we focus on continuous methane measurement for a simple reason: it's the only way to get reliable data about the size of methane emissions from...

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Do Your Utilities Account For Upstream Emissions?

25% of electric generation emissions come from the upstream supply. Carbon dioxide makes all the headlines, but methane, the molecule that makes up natural gas, warms the climate 25-85X more than carbon dioxide. Curbing these emissions could make a serious impact on...

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Canary Certification Midstream

Understanding the carbon footprint of the energy supply chain has been complicated by the reliance on estimates to report fugitive emissions and emission profiles for ESG reports and/or regulatory compliance. These estimates don’t often match up with actual...

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The Carbon Math on Certified Gas

Imagine you're driving on the highway. Everyone is cruising along when all of a sudden, one car mistakenly breaks for no reason. This one small action could result in a multi-car pileup. Now think about that one small mistake on a global scale, but instead of driving,...

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Prioritizing ESG in the Oil & Gas Industry

As the world transitions to a new era of mindful energy production with an ESG outlook, it should come as little surprise that environmental performance reporting found its way to the forefront of investor demands. It's now clear that if companies want access to...

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About Project Canary

Project Canary is the data-driven foundation of the energy ESG marketplace. We accelerate progress to net-zero with continuous monitoring and uncompromising certification technology.

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