Streamline Corporate Reporting

Carbon Portal is a dedicated GHG accounting platform within Project Canary's SENSE Dashboard.

Streamline Subpart W reporting with simplified, organized source-level inventory data. Layer in measurement data to get on the path to a Measurement-Informed Inventory.



Site-Level Regulatory Reporting for Subpart W

Streamline emissions inventory reporting

Site-level reporting is expected to be required in 2025

Ingest and organize site-level data

Automatically output Subpart W report


Measurement-Informed Inventory for OGMP 2.0

Compare Estimates to Measurement

Automatically integrates monitoring data from SENSE

Physical equipment estimates to compare with monitoring data

Adjustable emissions calculations to aid in reconciliation


Corporate and Site-Level Overviews of GHG Inventory

Visualize and track improvements

Operations summary and emissions events

Insights and visualization of GHG inventory

Annual and monthly intensity estimates


Streamline Monetization with Registry Integration

Proof of differentiation

Direct registry integration with EarnDLT and Xpansiv

“Time-matched” monthly intensities per market demand

Estimated methane intensity and carbon intensity

Why Our Customers Use Carbon Portal

Simplified reporting and insights from site- to corporate-level.

icon simplify compliance

Voluntary Framework Compliance
(i.e., OGMP2.0, GTI Veritas)

icon regulatory reporting

Streamline Regulatory & Sustainability Reporting

icon enterprise co2

Enterprise CO2e Data for Offsets

icon gear canary sense

Supply Chain Traceability for
Commercial Use

Frequently Asked Questions

A member of our Environmental Solutions team will work directly with you to identify the data required to onboard based on the information you have readily available today. In general, we request your equipment inventories, backup calculations, and input data.

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