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    Drive Operational Efficiency

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    One Home For All Your Emissions Measurement Data

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    Act On Emissions Faster

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    Quantify Total Site Emissions

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All your emissions measurement data on one platform.


Project Canary has been preparing for the EPA Approved Technology application since early 2023 with extensive testing and development.


Baselining over 30 days

Alerting based on 7- and 90-day rolling averages

>90% CMS monitoring uptime

Record keeping and reporting

How We Help

Best-in-class quantification technology for accurate measurement

Personalized support

Advanced alerting to capture events and minimize false alarms

Location to equipment groups

Proactive field team and alerting enables timely fixes to ensure uptime

Data exports to support annual reporting with 5-year retention

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GHG Inventories & Reporting

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    Simplify Subpart W Reporting

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    Participate in Voluntary Frameworks​

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    Site- And Corporate-level Insights

Carbon Portal For Ghgrp Subpart W Reporting

Carbon Portal organizes and visualizes data to up-level visibility and simplify reporting

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Build a site-specific GHG inventory

icon data visulization

Holistic site and corporate-level data visualization

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GHG inventory auditability

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Rapid data output for deeper analysis or 3rd-party verification

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