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Drive operational efficiency with measurement and custom business intelligence from CanaryInsights

How It Works

Find and quantify leaks, dig into root causes, investigate and mitigate.



Monitoring fugitive emissions on-site 24/7​ in real-time



Quantify emissions and alert your LDAR team



Determine the emissions source in the Canary SENSE dashboard​



Investigate, mitigate the leak, and analyze the root cause with your dedicated CanaryInsights team

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Case Study

How Rockcliff Uses Project Canary to Achieve Operational Improvements

“Now, between the FLIR camera and the Canaries continuously monitoring, we are able to identify recurring emissions events and proactively address them.”

John Turner
Environmental & Sustainability Manager, Rockcliff

Canary Insights

Your Dedicated Business Intelligence Team

AlertReview BI

Canary Insights: Custom Reporting & Insights

Alert Review

Prioritized alerts ensure efficient LDAR dispatch

Quant BI

Canary Insights: Custom Reporting & Insights

Quantification Trends

Custom enterprise-wide views shows where emissions are most volatile

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End-to-end solutions to achieve operational excellence

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High-fidelity Continuous
Monitoring Solutions

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Localize emissions events to the
equipment group

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Custom reporting & insights
tailored to your assets

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Harness your emissions data
all in one place

Fit-For-Purpose Hardware Solutions

Our platform is technology-agnostic – we ingest data from a variety of third parties, and also offer a suite of Canary and Aeris sensors.

Fit-For-Purpose Hardware Solutions

Our platform is technology-agnostic – we ingest data from a variety of third parties, and also offer a suite of Canary and Aeris sensors.

The Canary X is specifically designed to track methane emissions. With industry-leading sensitivity, measurement frequency, and accuracy, the Canary X allows for the localization and quantification of emission sources, enabling you to catch and remediate leaks faster than ever.

Designed to track VOCs, Canary S is a continuous solar-powered air quality and meteorological monitoring system designed to be class-leading in size, reliability, and flexibility. With cellular communication, these systems can be placed nearly anywhere to provide measurements of particulate matter, targeted gases, and meteorological data.

Sensirion’s reliable and scalable Nubo Sphere solution features photoacoustic-based laser spectroscopy sensor technology offering an unprecedented price-to-performance ratio. The state-of-the-art sensor nodes feature a modular and future-proof sensor cartridge design allowing for seamless on-site upgrades or for the easy and cost-effective deployment of additional gas sensor cartridges to measure H2S, CO or CO2. Furthermore, the system is designed for autonomous operation under harshest environments. Data collected from Nubo Sphere integrates seamlessly with Project Canary’s emissions platform.

Canary Vision uses an advanced AI-model to monitor site activity and identify objects, aligning data sets to auto-tag emission events. Enhance safety with license plate, flare, fire and intrusion detection. Receive real-time text/email alerts and access to 24/7 surveillance that includes video and audio.

A cost-scalable turnkey solution consisting of a patented non-thermal infrared camera and a cloud monitoring service that provides oil and gas companies with timely and visual notifications of methane and VOC emissions.

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