Expanding our Flock: The Latest in ESG and Customer Solutions

We’re excited to welcome two new members to the Project Canary team: David Stewart, VP of Environmental Solutions and Regulatory Affairs, and John “Bunkie” Westerheide, Senior Director of Customer Solutions. 

David Stewart
David Stewart

Meet David Stewart. ESG reporting has seen a meteoric rise over the last few years. Metrics on environmental health and safety have gone from a nice to have to a need to have. Investors and the general public are taking notice of where their energy comes from — the same awareness curve that food faced starting a few years ago. This awareness and scrutiny will only increase as we enter the new year. 

That’s where David comes in–he’s committed to all things Health, Safety, and Environment. He is focused on helping customers achieve and prove out ESG commitments. With this new flow of high-fidelity data, he is helping customers look at ways of harvesting insights to fuel their ESG commitments and internal strategic conversations. Additionally, he will partner with customer solutions, operations, and R&D to provide meaningful feedback for continuous product improvements. 

“Increased pressure on ESG reporting means that environmental health and safety are top of mind for oil and gas companies as we gear up for 2022,” explains David. “I’m proud to join the Project Canary team to drive best-in-class standards for our clients.” 

John Bunkie Westerheide
John Bunkie Westerheide

Now, meet John “Bunkie” Westerheide. With over 14 years of deep energy industry experience, John has led highly technical teams on cross-enterprise initiatives often focused on developing and activating new products or markets. He’s helped conceptualize and lead advanced R&D programs around oil and gas challenges, including methane emissions sensing and abatement, produced water treatment and recycling, oilfield carbon capture utilization, and oilfield power optimization. 

As Project Canary continues to grow, our support and development functions need to grow to honor our commitment to our top-performing energy supply chain customers. Bunkie represents an investment in continuous improvement as we support our customers’ successful navigation of the dynamic energy sustainability and decarbonization landscape. 

“I’m committed to driving customer satisfaction and improving workflows and processes across the energy value chain. 2022 will be filled with opportunities for Project Canary as we continue to expand into new areas of the energy industry,” said Bunkie.

At Project Canary, growth doesn’t just mean our team is getting bigger in size. It means we’re getting closer to our goals. David, John, and the rest of our team are focused on one thing–altering the course of climate change. With this strategic growth, we’re one step closer to doing just that.

About Project Canary

Project Canary is a SaaS-based data analytics company focused on accurate corporate climate ESG data for emission-intensive industrial companies. We are the leaders in holistic environmental assessments (air, water, land, and community). Project Canary scores responsible operations, delivering independent emission profiles via high-fidelity continuous monitoring technology to provide actionable environmental performance data. Our sensor portfolio includes high-fidelity spectroscopy-based methane detection and emissions quantification for the oil and gas sectors, plus Aeris Technologies’ laser-based gas analyzers covering other emissions, including ethane, nitrous oxide, formaldehyde, ethylene oxide, benzene, and more. Formed as a Public Benefit Corporation, Project Canary’s Denver-based team of scientists, engineers, and seasoned industry operators identify and quantify areas to reduce emissions. www.projectcanary.com

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