Streamline Subpart W Reporting with Canary Carbon Portal 

Canary Carbon Portal is a carbon accounting and emissions reporting software solution to streamline calculating, tracking, visualizing, and reporting emissions.  

This blog digs into how operators can use Carbon Portal for Federal GHG reporting – including our one-click Subpart W report output. 

One-Click Report Output

Under the new Subpart W ruling, operators must now report inventories at the site level. Designed with this in mind, Carbon Portal ingests and organizes your site-level inventory data to simplify the reporting process.  

With the click of a button, all this data is readily available for inventory reporting in Subpart W required format.  

cp dashboard

Figure 1: Calculations page, with Subpart W Report button

Auditable Calculations & Adjustable Factors

To ensure transparency and auditability for regulatory needs, backup calculations are easily accessible via the Calculations page.

Since the new Subpart W rule also allows for custom factors for specific sources, Carbon Portal enables you to (1) use default EPA Subpart W reporting factors to calculate your GHG inventory or (2) adjust emissions factors and save different scenarios.

cp calc page image

Figure 2: Calculations page details example

Data Visualization and Tracking

Canary Carbon Portal flexes with the needs of your business, organizing and simplifying GHG inventories at the site-, basin- and company-level. You can easily see and track Scope 1 emissions based on your provided inventory data.

cp homepage image

Figure 3: Carbon Portal Home Page (Site View)

What’s Next?

Integration of Monitoring Data for Other Large Release Events

Under the new Subpart W ruling, “Other Large Release Events” (OLRE) must be included and reported under Subpart W.

Canary Carbon Portal integrates monitoring data from the Canary SENSE platform, which houses monitoring data for all sensing principles including continuous monitoring and periodic screening (aerial, satellite, OGI) sources.

We are developing the capability for operators to monitor, track and measure OLREs in SENSE, and pass that data directly into Carbon Portal to be included for Subpart W GHG reporting.

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Learn More About SubPart W

Subpart W is the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting framework. Subpart W was updated on May 6 to include: 

  • Revised emissions factors 
  • Additional sources 
  • Site-level reporting 
  • Mandatory reporting of “Other Large Release Events” (OLREs) 

New Subpart W rules will apply starting with the 2025 reporting year and operators have the option to adopt new rules for the 2024 reporting year. To learn more about Subpart W updates, see our Subpart W blog

About Project Canary

Project Canary is a climate technology company offering an enterprise data platform that helps energy companies improve and report on their emissions footprint. Project Canary builds high-fidelity sensors, ingests data from various other technologies and sources, and leverages proprietary analytics and models to deliver insights that operators can act on to reduce emissions. The data-driven technology enables energy operators to stop leaks faster, reduce risk, streamline reporting, and differentiate their operations for key stakeholders.
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