Meet Canary Carbon Portal: The Carbon Accounting Solution

Introducing Carbon Portal – a carbon accounting software solution to streamline calculating, tracking, visualizing, and reporting GHG emissions. This includes GHG inventory data for regulatory (Subpart W, Subpart C, Colorado GHG Intensity) and voluntary initiatives (OGMP 2.0, GTI Veritas). 

Together with our SENSE monitoring platform, operators can now organize and access all emissions information in one place. Expanding our software capabilities from measurement to GHG inventory data allows Canary to be your one-stop shop for emissions management. We are the only industry solution that offers advanced inventory calculations, monitoring data management, and site-level quantification in one place. 

Carbon Portal Capabilities

carbon portal dashboard

Figure 1: Canary Carbon Portal Software

Carbon Portal helps you visualize and organize your emissions data for —

Complete Emissions Profile 

With Carbon Portal, you can visualize corporate, basin, and site-level GHG inventories. See the full picture of your Scope 1 emissions and corporate-level accounting. 

Regulatory Reporting 

One-click site-level inventory with auditable calculation details – Carbon Portal makes Subpart W reporting easy with current and new EPA rules. 

Voluntary Frameworks 

Compare inventory estimates with methane measurement data in the Carbon Portal. Utilize detailed views by equipment or sources for reconciliation support. Adjust emission factors and operational inputs effortlessly. 

Registry Integrations 

Carbon Portal customers will receive a methane and carbon intensity value that directly integrates with EarnDLT and Xpansiv. Users will get time-matched and segment-matched (midstream only) intensities. 

Competitive Advantage

There are many different solutions to inventory organization today. Operators have a choice of using data systems (Enablon, ACTS, etc.), consultants, or other carbon inventory software. It can be hard to decide which solution to use.

carbon portal competative advantage

Figure 2: Carbon Portal Competitive Advantage

Measurement Expertise

Carbon Portal is also the only GHG inventory software solution backed by Canary’s expertise in measurement. Consolidating estimate and measurement data directly into the Carbon Portal supports the creation of measurement-informed inventories and maximizes the value of advanced measurement technologies. 

Carbon Portal automatically ingests monitoring data from Canary SENSE for easy measurement vs. estimate comparisons for: 

  • Voluntary and regulatory frameworks that require measurement-informed inventories, such as CO Reg 7 and OGMP 2.0 
  • Improved understanding of true emissions profile by identifying where calculations may need to be adjusted 

This drives to better holistic emissions management, beyond just reporting. With regulatory and voluntary pressures increasingly driving towards more measurement-informed data, partner with us today to future-proof your emissions management.  

Advanced Analytics 

Carbon Portal includes detailed geospatial data to elevate analytic capabilities. Operators can identify sources of emissions by connecting them to specific equipment on-site. This helps understand why emission events are occurring and how operators can reduce emissions by making data-informed investment decisions. Source to equipment mapping is further supported by our new equipment tagging mobile app, available now in the App Store.

Custom Business Intelligence 

Our in-house CanaryInsights team helps you understand your data and maximize value. We create custom reports and case studies based on your objectives. This includes understanding the differences between inventory and measurement data to get you on the path to reconciliation. 

Extensive Onboarding Support

Our team of experts helps you consolidate your data and ease the burden of creating a site-by-site inventory. We will be with you every step of the way. 

Carbon Portal is available today. Talk with a member of the Project Canary team about how we can support you on your emissions journey. 

About Project Canary

Project Canary is a climate technology company offering an enterprise data platform that helps energy companies improve and report on their emissions footprint. Project Canary builds high-fidelity sensors, ingests data from various other technologies and sources, and leverages proprietary analytics and models to deliver insights that operators can act on to reduce emissions. The data-driven technology enables energy operators to stop leaks faster, reduce risk, streamline reporting, and differentiate their operations for key stakeholders.
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