Data-Driven Confidence: Solving the Energy ESG / RSG Equation

As energy sector challenges increase and investors, regulators, and communities expect companies to do more to mitigate their climate impacts, there is increasing scrutiny around methane and other emissions. Methane is a greenhouse gas 82x more potent than carbon...

More Action, Fewer Platitudes to Address Climate Change

By Chris Romer, Project Canary CEO Climate commitments, sustainability reporting, and ESG-driven performance are becoming material matters for companies across the energy value chain, and that's a good thing. However, to meet the Paris Accords and avoid impending...

What They’re Saying About Project Canary

A lot is happening at Project Canary, and here is a summary of recent media coverage and press releases.

Major Haynesville shale driller installing tech to monitor methane, reduce emissions. The monitoring system triangulates emissions using several devices at the well site and cost pennies on the dollar, compared to the drones or flyover aircraft with infrared cameras used in the past to detect methane leaks. Get the full story at The Advocate.