Project Canary, Trustwell® and RSG Definitional Document

When you buy TrustWell® Responsible Gas, you are demonstrating a commitment to responsibly developed energy.


The facility from which the gas has been produced was individually rated, certified and inspected by IES in accordance with the TrustWell Ratings system, on an annual basis, including:

  • Assessment and quantification of local risk conditions
  • Review of hundreds of specific engineering practices and criteria covering events impacting water, air, land and community
  • Evaluation of operational practices at the policy, plan and execution levels
  • Review of techniques across management systems, preventative controls, and surveillance and response
  • Benchmarking against IES’ dataset of over 4.5 million facilities.

TrustWell responsibility scoring and certification targets:

  1. Platinum to be more responsible than 90% of other operators
  2. Gold to be more responsible than 75% of other operators
  3. Silver to be more responsible than 50% of other operators
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