Meeting Ambitious Net Zero Goals via Accurate Methane Emissions Measurement

Webinar with Oil & Gas Journal.

Tighter regulations, including those in the Inflation Reduction Act, will require precise measurement of methane emissions. Accurate, continuous monitoring with precision sensors and rigorous quantification means improved oil & gas lifecycle performance. Count it. Cut it. Prove it. (Report it.)

Good decisions need enhanced analytics. Translating best-in-class data into actionable insights is required to make a meaningful operational change to improve emissions. Better analytics means increased visibility and improved performance based on accurate, real-time emissions data.

Companies are stepping up their mitigation efforts to meet compliance and shareholder expectations. Reliable reporting and advanced insight produce transparency and trust for reporting against ambitious net zero goals. Project Canary has opened up its platform to customer-choice sensors to create a comprehensive digital canopy. Learn more about total site emissions and hear directly from a customer. 

Join Project Canary with the Oil & Gas Journal to learn how you can accurately count methane emissions, efficiently cut those emissions, and effectively report those emissions across the energy value chain.

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