Navigating Uncertainty: Accounting for Variability in Emissions Inventories


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Watch this webinar featuring Insight M (formerly Kairos Aerospace) and the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, moderated by GTI Energy – diving deep into how imperfections in measurement approaches impact annual emissions accounting. As operators begin the path to measurement-informed inventories for initiatives like OGMP 2.0 and new regulations, understanding the tradeoffs of different measurement approaches is paramount to driving more accurate emissions accounting.

In this webinar, we discussed these tradeoffs and more, including:
→ How measurement frequency and geographic coverage impact uncertainty
→ How uncertainties are incorporated into measurement-informed emissions accounting
→ How operators can use this information to craft measurement strategies for their assets
→ Questions that came from the audience about various regulations, continuous monitoring systems (CMS), and addressing uncertainty in other parts of the energy supply chain (local distribution, midstream, etc)

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