Differentiating Commodities

Webinar: Differentiating Commodities

The Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG) market has arrived, but where is it headed?

As the world transitions to a new era of energy production and environmental focus, it should come as little surprise that the RSG market has found its way to the forefront of buyer and investor demands. But with the increase in interest, what constitutes “certified gas” has increasingly blurred lines.

This raises a crucial question: What does it take to earn a certification? This webinar will discuss the core concepts of certification: Methane, GHGs, Water, Land, Community, Safety, and Engineering and how each plays a critical role in the integrity of Responsibly Sourced Gas.

With recent commentary from the Environmental Defense Fund, the anticipated wide acceptance of OGMP 2.0, and changes in both EPA & SEC reporting requirements, now is the time for crisp definitions surrounding certified gas.
We will discuss how selecting the proper certification program, and monitoring technologies can fend off claims of greenwashing and how the wrong choices will lead down the opposite path. Just as all operators are not created equal, neither are the various certifications and reporting standards.

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