Project Canary, Trustwell and RSG Definitional Document


When you buy TrustWell™ Responsible Gas, you are demonstrating a commitment to responsibly developed energy.


The facility from which the gas has been produced was individually rated, certified and inspected by IES in accordance with the TrustWell™ Ratings system, on an annual basis, including:

  • Assessment and quantification of local risk conditions
  • Review of hundreds of specific engineering practices and criteria covering events impacting water, air, land and community
  • Evaluation of operational practices at the policy, plan and execution levels
  • Review of techniques across management systems, preventative controls, and surveillance and response
  • Benchmarking against IES’ dataset of over 4.5 million facilities.

TrustWell™ responsibility scoring and certification targets:

  1. Platinum to be more responsible than 90% of other operators
  2. Gold to be more responsible than 75% of other operators
  3. Silver to be more responsible than 50% of other operators