Project Canary Unveils Industry’s First Comprehensive Emissions Data Solution

DENVER, June 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Project Canary, a climate tech company focused on enterprise emissions data management, today announced the launch of its ‘Canary Carbon Portal’, a cutting-edge emissions accounting software solution. The Canary Carbon Portal aggregates complex emissions data to streamline EPA Subpart W reporting and enable operators to calculate measurement-informed inventories on a single platform. 

The launch of Canary Carbon Portal establishes Project Canary as the industry’s first one-stop solution for comprehensive GHG emissions data management.

Project Canary’s emissions data management platform has two components: Canary SENSE and Canary Carbon Portal. Canary SENSE ingests emissions data from various methane measurement technologies via a growing list of technology partnerships so operators can see all monitoring data in one place. Canary Carbon Portal integrates these data points alongside GHG inventory calculations, including methane and carbon intensities, to help operators meet evolving regulatory compliance and voluntary reporting requirements.

The myriad regulatory and voluntary initiatives facing operators signaled the need for a flexible hardware-software solution that consolidates all emissions data in one place. The combination of Canary SENSE and Canary Carbon Portal creates a single hub for operators to find and fix leaks, report emissions, and reconcile source-level inventories with the data received from measurement technologies. The launch of Canary Carbon Portal establishes Project Canary as the industry’s first one-stop solution for comprehensive GHG emissions data management.

Canary Carbon Portal was specifically designed to address a broad range of operator objectives:

  • Regulatory reporting: Canary Carbon Portal streamlines Subpart W reporting with site-level inventories aligned to the new EPA requirements for 2025 reporting.
  • Voluntary frameworks such as OGMP 2.0 and GTI Veritas: Project Canary’s platform ingests data from 7+ other measurement technologies, including OGI cameras, aerial, satellites, point sensors, and SCADA data. Canary Carbon Portal enables operators to reconcile bottom-up inventories with measurement data to calculate measurement-informed inventories.
  • Differentiation: Canary Carbon Portal’s registry integrations with EarnDLT and Xpansiv enable direct uploads for methane and carbon intensities to differentiate molecules.

Will Foiles, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, said, “Project Canary began as a continuous monitoring company, and we have leveraged our deep measurement and emissions modeling expertise to create a true end-to-end emissions data management platform. We are the only industry solution that offers advanced inventory calculations, monitoring data management, and site-level quantification in one place. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to emissions data management, so our goal is to support operators with flexible solutions tailored to their needs–from methane measurement and EPA reporting to developing measurement-informed inventories–all within a single, simple interface.”

Canary Carbon Portal is available today to all customers.

About Project Canary

Project Canary is a climate technology company offering an enterprise data platform that helps energy companies improve and report on their emissions footprint. Project Canary builds high-fidelity sensors, ingests data from various other technologies and sources, and leverages proprietary analytics and models to deliver insights that operators can act on to reduce emissions. The data-driven technology enables energy operators to stop leaks faster, reduce risk, streamline reporting, and differentiate their operations for key stakeholders.
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