The Time for Responsibly Sourced Gas is Now (Change the Narrative)

Thomas Russo of Russo Energy LLC, recently published a new white paper describing how the U.S. natural gas and LNG industries can benefit in the transition to a carbon-neutral future by embracing a narrative of “responsibly sourced gas (RSG).”

Russo notes the urgency: “It’s time for the industries and individual companies to shelve slogans and take action to distinguish US natural gas from other global sources by embracing a narrative of ‘responsibly sourced gas (RSG).’ To do otherwise increases the risk that natural gas and LNG will fall victim to the growing movement to decarbonize the heating, power and transportation sectors via an all electrification strategy.

The paper further describes the importance of continuous monitoring and independent certification of responsible operations to provide legitimacy to the RSG strategy.

Download the paper Responsibly Sourced Gas: Time to Change the Natural Gas Industry’s Narrative below.

About Thomas N. Russo and Russo Energy, LLC

Thomas N. Russo has over 30 years of experience in energy regulation, infrastructure, markets, environmental impact assessment, and energy security. Prior to starting Russo on Energy LLC, he worked for over 30 years as a manager and senior energy industry analyst at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He also is an adjunct professor in the Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, where he teaches courses in global energy and international energy and environmental regulations.

About Project Canary

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