Rockcliff Energy Announces Project Canary Independent Emissions Measurement & Environmental Performance Certification

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Rockcliff Energy II LLC (Rockcliff), an exploration and production company focused on the Haynesville play in East Texas, announced a commitment to utilize Project Canary for independent, real-time continuous emissions monitoring.

Rockcliff has deployed 171 high-fidelity Canary X continuous emissions monitors on 57 sites to verify existing low methane intensity and immediately measure and detect unwanted leaks. These sensors are currently in place on locations representing 95% of the company’s ~1.5 bcf/day gross production. Rockcliff commits to continuous monitoring for all new Haynesville wells brought online.

“We operate under a strict culture of compliance at Rockcliff that’s focused on clean, safe, and efficient operations,” Rockcliff CEO Alan Smith said. “Relying on Project Canary’s independent, real-time, continuous emissions monitoring demonstrates our commitments to sustainability and operational excellence. The application of this technology verifies for the market that we’re producing natural gas in the cleanest, most responsible manner.”

A leading Haynesville Shale producer, the Quantum Energy Partners-backed producer owns more than 270,000 net acres in east Texas and emphasizes an uncompromising culture of ESG leadership to minimize environmental impact and produce natural gas in an environmentally responsible manner.

“A key differentiator for investors, customers, and regulators, measured, well-by-well certified Responsibly Sourced Gas is the gold standard for confirming best-in-class ESG performance,” Co-founder and CEO of Project Canary Chris Romer said. “As Europe looks to receive more natural gas from the U.S, Rockcliff is strategically positioned to meet the ever-increasing demand for measured, verified low carbon energy. Independent operational certification and real-time continuous emissions monitoring provide customers with the guarantees they are seeking from U.S. producers.”

About Project Canary

Project Canary is a climate technology company that offers an enterprise emissions data platform that helps companies identify, measure, understand, and act to reduce emissions across the energy value chain. Given its outsized impact, the Company started with methane and has since expanded to other greenhouse gasses. Project Canary’s mission is to Measure It — leveraging sophisticated software solutions to help companies improve and report on their emissions footprint. They do this by building high-fidelity sensors, ingesting data from various other technologies and sources, characterizing the accuracy of such emissions data, and deploying advanced physics-based AI-powered models to identify leaks and quantify emissions.
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