How to Tap Certified Responsibly Sourced Gas as a Quick Win in the Transition to a Clean Energy Future

Quick climate wins that pass a high ESG bar are imperative. What can we do to reduce emissions now?

One approach is to focus on the high-intensity greenhouse gas methane. Methane emissions and leaks are pervasive but highly variable in the natural gas supply chain. Yet the carbon intensity has historically been underestimated because many of those emissions are poorly counted because of inadequate monitoring and data collection.

Methane emission reductions represent a unique opportunity to lower carbon emissions through responsibly sourced natural gas. The U.N. Global Methane Assessment found that readily available targeted control measures can eliminate more than 30% of projected anthropogenic methane emissions this decade. The reductions can be achieved while improving the air, water, land and communities in natural gas-producing areas.

Natural gas has long been considered a standardized commodity, even though variability in the supply chain is present, particularly around environmental impact. Gas product differentiation through a trusted certification process offers many benefits to end-use buyers, including an important quick climate win, while more complex clean energy solutions take time to develop and implement. The TrustWell independent certification program from Project Canary allows natural gas customers to leverage their buying power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from upstream natural gas production, purchase a product that meets the standard of growing corporate ESG commitments and demonstrate to customers the business is committed to addressing critical challenges impacting society today.


This paper from Project Canary will explore four essential topics natural gas buyers should know:

  1. The landscape of climate goals, regulatory rules and agendas, and other variables creating pressure for quick climate wins.
  2. Common sources of emissions in the upstream natural gas process and how many of these emissions sources can be easily identified and fixed.
  3. How Project Canary’s certification process works to ensure responsibly sourced gas.
  4. The benefits of responsibly sourced gas and next steps to achieve this quick win on the path to a clean energy future.

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A word from Project Canary Chief Science Officer – Dr. Anna Scott, Ph.D.