A Powerful Environmental Data Platform

The Project Canary solution is a continuous environmental monitoring system that monitors emissions of methane and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and detects fugitive emissions in near real-time at the wellsite. The solution consists of rugged, all-weather individual sensors located at the corners of the wellsite that transmits multiple data points to the Canary Cloud every minute. Data is collected and stored in the Canary information infrastructure, which can process thousands of events per second, making analysis and alerts available in real-time via a secure, customer-specific dashboard.

Canary Technology

The Canary-S is a continuous solar powered air quality and meteorological monitoring system designed to be class leading in size, reliability and flexibility. With cellular communication these systems can be placed nearly anywhere to provide measurements on particulate matter, targeted gases and meteorological data.

Multiple units can be deployed to create a network of real-time data captured and stored on the Canary Cloud independent data platform.

Every Canary S unit comes with the capability to add an auto-triggered summa canister. For the first time, operators can pull high quality samples and receive lab grade analysis and speciated VOC at PPB levels for a fraction of the price of utilizing an expensive GC unit.

The Canary-C is first generation technology, providing robust performance in situations requiring data in the parts per million (ppm). Solar powered and cellular connectivity combined with efficient, reliable technologies make Canary-C ideal for remote applications. Multiple units can be deployed as a “flock” of sensors that report air emissions data every few minutes to the independent Canary Cloud data platform where it is stored securely.

 Note: The Canary-C is currently in development. Please check with us regarding availability and timing. 

“Project Canary is the most reliable method for detecting leaks and measuring VOCs we have found, at a cost substantially lower than competing alternatives. No other solution provides near real-time monitoring.”

VP Operations, Large E&P Company

How are customers using the Canary S?


  • Remote Monitoring. Login to the Project Canary Dashboard from your mobile device, smart phone or desktop computer and monitor emissions levels at individual wellsites anywhere, anytime.
  • Alerts. Receive real-time alerts of fugitive emissions directly on your mobile device, smart phone or computer via text or email.
  • Self-Diagnostics. Every few minutes, 24 hours a day, each unit reports data points on methane, VOCs and more to the Canary Cloud. The Canary Cloud is smart. It knows the difference between normal well site operations and a significant leak. When something unusual happens, the Cloud notifies personnel via Text and Email to enable prompt and efficient incident response.
  • Auto Locate. Each unit is equipped with GPS. When a unit first starts reporting, it sends its location to the Canary Cloud. Auto-Locate makes field deployments incredibly simple. Bang a stake in the ground and let the Sun shine – Project Canary is a zero-maintenance solution.
  • Reliable and Redundant. We use sophisticated machine learning algorithms to train the flock and ensure events are real and actionable.
  • Self-Calibrating. Sensors are engineered to be reliable and stable, providing dependable Methane and VOC readings for years without being fooled by temperature and humidity changes.
  • Solar Powered. Units are optimized for extreme environments. The solar cell can harvest enough energy to keep it chirping through a string of cloudy, snowy days by charging the onboard, high-technology, high-capacity batteries.
  • Sensitive. There’s never been a gas leak solution like Project Canary before. Canary S sensors detect emissions from oil & gas activities down to the Parts Per Billion level. That’s important because Canary roosts at the fenceline where emission levels can be low concentration events by the time gases reach the fence.


  • Stop Leaks Faster. The Project Canary solution helps operators optimize their Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) teams by routing crews to locations that are experiencing leaks in real-time.
  • Take Responsible Development to a Higher Level. The Project Canary solution gives operators an unbiased source of environmental data that may serve as credible evidence and defense against leak claims as well as providing independent, verifiable data for self-certification programs.
  • No Downtime. Deployment and operation of the Project Canary solution requires no downtime. With no moving parts or scheduled maintenance, production operations proceed uninterrupted during installation and use.
  • Improved Sustainability (ESG). The Project Canary solution delivers clear and reliable environmental data for communicating ESG initiatives to the institutional investment community and other stakeholders.
  • Improved Safety Profile. Detecting and fixing leaks faster improves wellsite safety, and the Project Canary solution provides EHS the information needed for reporting actual metrics, not guesstimates.

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Project Canary offers the first continuous, real time, cost effective monitoring of fugitive gas emissions

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