Emissions Quantification

Our Quant Journey

Our quantification algorithm took years to develop, but we’ve had one goal from the very beginning: create the most accurate facility-level methane emissions monitoring system.


We’ve learned a lot in our three-year journey–we’ve changed our approach, discovered new strengths, and, most importantly, identified and fixed our shortcomings. With almost a year of controlled release testing and working with operators to quantify 200+ operating facilities, we believe we’ve built a best-in-class total site emissions quantification.


Scroll left/right on the timeline below to follow our journey.

  1. 2021

  2. Quant v0 METEC Testing

    Internal Quant beta version. Iterated as accuracy didn't meet standards – undertook more controlled release testing to develop and accurate model.
  3. Quant V1 released on subset of pads

    Initial Quant version (designed to only quantify fugitive emissions from a single emissions source) deployed to production environment and enabled on limited pads.
  4. METEC Round 3 testing

  5. 2022

  6. Quant v2 release

  7. ADED Testing 2022

  8. 3-week Exclusive METEC Testing – Total Site Emissions

  9. 2023

    Quantification Enabled on 100 facilities

    Key milestone, quantifying total site emissions on 100 operating facilities across multiple basins
  10. Quant v2.5 Release

  11. Quantification enabled on 200 facilities

    Another key milestone, quantifying total site emissions on 200 operating facilities across 7 basins.

navigating the dispersion simulator

High-fidelity Dispersion Simulator

Canary Quantification Overview

Project Canary Quantification calculates your total site emissions for more accurate carbon accounting, comparison to bottom-up estimates, and tracking towards improved emissions performance.

Our model has been enhanced to manage the complexity of atmospheric conditions and site configuration. 

On our third version of the model, Project Canary is committed to continuous improvement of our quantification through rigorous testing and refinement driving towards maximum accuracy. 

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