EuroGas – The Molecule Pod “Methane Emissions”


“The world is trending towards more measurement.”
-Will Foiles, Project Canary Co-Founder and COO

Check out the latest Eurogas podcast episode featuring our very own Will Foiles, as they explore the convergence of energy security, decarbonization, and methane emissions in the European Union. Discover why the European Union is eyeing US liquified natural gas (LNG) as a viable energy source while prioritizing decarbonization efforts. Learn about the quest for the cleanest molecules throughout the gas supply chain and the regulatory measures and technological advancements necessary to achieve this goal. 

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About Project Canary

Project Canary is an enterprise emissions data platform that helps energy leaders identify, measure, understand, and act on GHG emissions. They provide software visualization tools, high-fidelity sensor solutions, and rigorous environmental assessments. Their solutions enable companies to improve operations, differentiate their molecules, and meet regulatory and voluntary framework requirements.
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