Measure & Reduce

Measured Total Site Emissions For Upstream Facilities.

Leading-edge quantification model to support emissions reconciliation and reporting and inform operational decisions.

Operators Need Reportable Data & Actionable Insights

  • Our quantification model is underpinned by machine learning to measure total site emissions versus single emission events
  • We provide an accurate inventory of emissions generated by all sources on a pad, from consistent flux of small emissions off tanks, to the larger discrete emission events
  • Our model identifies offsite emissions and allows the user to choose whether to receive alerts on those or not
  • We track the cumulative effect of extremely short duration emissions sources, such as pneumatic releases

Project Canary Emissions Quantification Technology

The Canary Difference

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    We measure total site emissions from all activities and equipment, not just from discrete leak events.

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    Our Canary X and Aeris devices provide requisite high-fidelity detection capabilities necessary to perform accurate quantification.

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