Reliably Accurate Emissions Data For Operational Excellence.

The Canary SENSE Platform translates best-in-class data into actionable insights

Stop Estimating, Start Measuring.

  • Aggregate and analyze emissions from numerous technologies on one platform
  • Evaluate total site emissions with AI-assisted modeling
  • Reconcile emissions profiles
  • Understand why events are occurring and develop mitigation strategies
  • Predict and intercept fugitive emissions

Stakeholder-Ready Insights

Canary Sense Platform Emissions Alert Management

Trained machine learning model to predict methane concentrations

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Alert Triggers

  • Variance between predicted and actual emissions over time
  • Concentration (ppm) of individual events
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Alert Use

  • Provides 100% site emissions awareness, even during routine emissions events
  • Use for directed LDAR for fugitive emissions that have the biggest environmental impact
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