Emissions Management

outsource the complexity of emissions management

High-risk facilities need a science-based approach.

Combine data from all sensors, footage, and emissions factors with advanced analytics to achieve 100% continuous monitoring.

Use ML-based regression and Gaussian plume models to localize and quantify total site emissions.

Improve performance through smarter decision-making and sustainability reporting, based on actionable insights.

Measure and Reduce Emissions

Detect and quantify all operational and fugitive emissions.

  • The Canary SENSE Platform reports data every 60 seconds into a customizable dashboard
  • Confidently understand your emissions using our machine-learning models
emissions data software MRV

Accurate Reporting

The emissions inventory and reconciliation data that your team needs.

  • Report to accredited 3rd parties for certification
  • Data and reporting reliability for Certified Gas, Certified RSG, and more

Improve Operations And Decision-Making

Reduce leaks and emissions through actionable real-time intelligence.

  • Leverage timely emissions ‘Smart Alerts’ to help predict and prevent future events
  • Tie actions and improvements directly to your decarbonization goals
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