Project Canary’s Vision: Data-Driven Differentiation

As the world’s climate challenges grow increasingly complex, the most effective and significant solutions will require more precise, granular data and more science-based solutions. To meet these challenges, Project Canary is proud to continue our evolution, making significant investments focused on empirical science and independent and verifiable data to help operators deliver what buyers and the market need.

Our mission remains to help companies in the energy supply chain to reduce methane and other GHG emissions and to provide insights into associated environmental attributes, such as water usage. Supporting and growing the differentiated gas market remains a corporate priority.

This strategic vision reflects our current environment and commitment to our mission – to minimize GHG emissions – by partnering with our customers to provide the data they need to truly differentiate their natural gas.

This next chapter of Project Canary will be led by Will Foiles and Tim Romer, established leaders in our business who bring complementary strengths to the co-CEO role as Project Canary grows as an enterprise-wide emissions data management company.

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Chris Romer will move up to become Executive Chairman of Project Canary’s board and continue to be involved in the company’s vision, growth, and policy priorities. Thanks to Chris’ leadership, Project Canary is the leader in trusted environmental assessments – a foundation from which we’ll continue to grow.

Our focus remains on helping energy leaders identify, measure, understand, and act on greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental attributes. Our portfolio of solutions remains the same:

  • Canary Assessments – Environmental Risk Assessments (TrustWell 2.0): Our well-by-well upstream assessments provide the industry’s most comprehensive environmental analysis, with 600+ quantitative and qualitative data points assessed and reported. Combined with our Low Methane Rating and Freshwater attributes, TrustWell assessments provide the independent, rigorous, and empirical data the market seeks. We have also expanded into midstream assessments.
  • Canary SENSE – Emissions Detection, Quantification & Management: Our Canary SENSE platform uses a variety of emission data sources to enable speed to action through smart alerting, site-level emissions monitoring, emissions quantification, and more to provide the most accurate emissions data — delivering the scientific rigor, precision and trust markets are demanding.

Transparency is at the core of this approach. We have openly published environmental assessment protocols, quantification methodologies, and third-party testing results. We use third-party sensors and emissions data as well as our own sensor array, which undergoes extensive, repeated testing through Colorado State University’s METEC lab. We apply these learnings for continued improvement.

We focus on site-level data and environmental assessments because the differentiated gas market continues to evolve, seeking scientific depth and analytical rigor.

That’s the Project Canary difference. We deliver the analytical rigor and high-fidelity data that drive decision-making among our customers and markets. Investors, regulators, and others are asking for more precise measurement and data. We deliver that data. As the first mover and differentiated gas market leader, we will continue evolving, growing, and pushing this market forward.

About Project Canary

Project Canary is an enterprise emissions data platform that helps energy leaders identify, measure, understand, and act on GHG emissions. They provide software visualization tools, high-fidelity sensor solutions, and rigorous environmental assessments. Their solutions enable companies to improve operations, differentiate their molecules, and meet regulatory and voluntary framework requirements.
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