Meet Canary Vision: Your 24/7 Emissions-Monitoring Camera

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Now apply this thinking to emissions-generating activities on your site.  

When you’re evaluating your site to identify what caused a spike in your emissions activity, there are a number of potential causes. You could be looking at a leak, a spike due to venting or other maintenance operation, or a high-emitting vehicle that drove through your site 

Understanding the source of an emissions event is central to driving operational efficiency for oil and gas operators. 

That’s why we’re excited to launch Canary Vision – new camera technology that enables operators to better understand and attribute emission events to site-related activities.  

Canary Vision is a package that includes one or more high-resolution, weatherproof, solar-powered camera(s) installed on-site to monitor what’s going on at your facilities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

How does it work?

Canary Vision logo camera 1

Canary Vision attaches to your Project Canary sensing device and monitors activity on your facility by capturing imagery and video, including audio.  

Canary Vision uses an AI model to recognize people, vehicle activity, and other types of objects present on-site. We pair Canary Vision data with your existing emissions event data to determine if the source of the emissions spike is due to a daily operational activity or another emissions-producing event. Canary Vision supports operators by auto-tagging the generated events related to daily operations

canary snapshot
Figure 1: Canary Vision Real-time Emissions Event Tracking Snapshot 

After installation and integration with your emissions measurement dashboard, Canary Vision sends email notifications documenting on-site activity. These emails provide users with a snapshot of the detected activity on-site, as well as a link to investigate the event within the Canary SENSE dashboard. 

vision long
Figure 2: Canary Vision Email Notification Example 

What’s next for canary vision?

Looking forward, we are developing further capabilities to enhance the safety and security of your facility. High-risk event tagging and notifications surrounding facility break-ins, license plate recognition, fires, and flare​s are some of the things on the roadmap for future iterations of Canary Vision’s capabilities. 

Reach out today to learn more about how Canary Vision can benefit your oil and gas site. 

About Project Canary

Project Canary is a climate technology company that offers an enterprise emissions data platform that helps companies identify, measure, understand, and act to reduce emissions across the energy value chain. Given its outsized impact, the Company started with methane and has since expanded to other greenhouse gasses. Project Canary’s mission is to Measure It — leveraging sophisticated software solutions to help companies improve and report on their emissions footprint. They do this by building high-fidelity sensors, ingesting data from various other technologies and sources, characterizing the accuracy of such emissions data, and deploying advanced physics-based AI-powered models to identify leaks and quantify emissions.
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