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At Project Canary®, we’re working to alter the course of climate change. We believe in the power of science, the importance of transparency and that accurate, independently collected data is critical to driving a clean energy future. Our commitment to these ideals means that our ESG data can be trusted by partners, investors and the general public.

Our Story

Independent, Reliable, Trusted Energy ESG Data

Increasingly, investors, regulators and communities are expecting companies to do more to mitigate their impact on climate change. Emissions of methane and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are under heavy scrutiny, since methane is 84 times more potent of a greenhouse gas than CO2.

Leading oil and gas producers and utilities need independent data to demonstrate their work to mitigate emissions and reduce the impact of energy development on climate change. Until now, most environmental reporting was based on estimates instead of actual, real-time trusted data.

With so much at stake, estimates are not good enough. Project Canary’s environmental reporting solutions benefit companies by providing them with opportunities to capitalize on new markets for natural gas, generate operational efficiencies, decrease the cost of capital and attract increasingly wary investors.

We are a mission-driven B-Corp dedicated to altering the course of climate change, and we’ll give companies the trusted data they need to join us on our mission.

The Project Canary® Foundation

The Project Canary Foundation is a non-profit organization whose team consists of climate scientists, engineers, and passionate individuals committed to altering the course of climate change. One of the Foundation’s signature projects addresses the more than 2 million abandoned oil and gas wells currently in the U.S., according to estimates from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Wells that are abandoned and no longer in use may continue to leak GHGs into the air. Evaluating, sealing, and confirming these wells are no longer emitting GHG is a component of the ‘plug and abandon’ process or P&A.

The Project Canary Foundation and Project Canary, PBC, are dedicating resources, including people, monitoring systems, and technologies, to help with USA P&A efforts and improve our planet’s future of our planet. With both a Foundation and a B-Corp, the Project Canary dedication runs deep. P&A is an often unknown and unseen problem that can be addressed by partnering with other nonprofits and companies equally dedicated to impacting climate change.

Project Canary Impact

Our Purpose Is Our Promise–and Our Competitive Edge

To become a B-Corp, you go through a rigorous assessment process – sound familiar? Yep, like our customers, we also measure what matters. We measure and track our impact on workers, community, environment, governance, and customers. Impact requires focus and persistence. Our Project Canary: Impact program is designed to put our expertise, mission-driven leadership, and philanthropic dollars to work.

The Triple Promise.


Since the birth of the Industrial Revolution, large corporations have contributed a staggering amount of pollution to the environment, which has been a key driver of climate change. While businesses have historically been the greatest contributors to climate change, they also hold the keys to driving positive change. Many business leaders are now recognizing their responsibility to do so.


This is a business’s societal impact or its commitment to people who are either shareholders or stakeholders. Without each other, our communities, our customers, and our investors, we wouldn't be thinking about how to measure and mitigate emissions to help heal our planet from Project Canary HQ every day.


Encourage and support purpose-driven leaders to effect positive change in the world without hampering financial performance. In fact, most innovation comes from high-velocity for-profit enterprises. Sustainability-minded innovation is here to stay.

The Civitas x Project Canary: Impact

P&A for Orphaned Wells:

Orphaned wells that are left unplugged or improperly plugged can emit dangerous greenhouse gases, such as methane and VOCs in perpetuity. These wells have a significant impact on the climate and produce no energy. According to the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), Colorado has approximately 410 total orphaned wells. Plugging abandoned wells is one of many important ways to accelerate Colorado’s commitment to reducing statewide greenhouse gas pollution by 26% by 2025, 50% by 2030, and 90% by 2050 vs. 2005 levels.

These wells represent a quick win for the environment – they produce no energy, they benefit no one. As part of our commitment to driving real, measurable, and practical solutions to climate change, Project Canary has partnered with Civitas to help voluntarily plug 42 wells around the state of Colorado. We’ll be providing TrustWell® engineering services to these 42 wells and installing continuous monitoring devices to establish the emissions profiles of the wells. Once proper P&A activities are complete, our devices will remain on-site to ensure that emissions stay in the ground.

Responsible environmental stewardship requires action. This is just a first step in a process that will require hard work, dedication, and partnership between the industry and the state. There’s more to come, watch this space for updates.

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