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Climate change has become a mainstream issue for many, including oil and gas regulators in states traditionally friendly to the industry. Oil and gas companies need reliable and objective technology-based methods to monitor and detect fugitive emissions of Methane and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to remain competitive in an increasingly dynamic market.

Project Canary is an affordable and reliable technology that ensures that all the natural gas from the wells near our communities actually goes into the pipeline instead of being released into our atmosphere.

There are over a million producing oil and gas wells in the United States. Production operations are carefully engineered to minimize the risk of natural gas leaks, which result in lost revenue and increase a producer’s methane intensity levels. Normal wear and tear along with inclement weather, however, can result in unforeseen leaks and fugitive emissions.

Previously, the only way to monitor for unintended Methane and VOC leaks was for an LDAR crew to drive around in a pickup truck and visit individual wellsites every few weeks using a special infrared camera to manually spot leaks. Satellite and aircraft flyovers using sensitive equipment can survey a region, but again, are intermittent and expensive.

How can Project Canary Help You?

General Value Propositions

real-time monitoring and simple reporting

Real-Time Monitoring

Imagine not having a smoke detector in your home. Now envision a gas leak detector that is always on, ever vigilant. With a Project Canary unit at each corner of every wellsite, oil and gas companies will know right away when there is a problem with fugitive emissions.

The Project Canary solution puts operators in charge by giving them real-time, reliable alerts so they can proactively and rapidly mobilize LDAR teams to rapidly repair leaks. With the Project Canary solution, operators can move quickly instead of waiting until the next wellsite inspection. 

Simple Reporting

Every few minutes, units automatically report to the Canary Cloud server where our data stored securely. The Canary Cloud infrastructure is robust, scalable and reliable. That puts comprehensive reporting data at your fingertips with a click of a mouse. No more estimates or guesses, Project Canary delivers the most data real-time in a usable format. The Project Canary solution gives operators an unbiased source of environmental data providing credible evidence of responsible operations and independent, verifiable data for self-certification programs, ESG reporting, and the sale of Responsibly Sourced Gas.

The Project Canary Difference

The lowest cost of real-time environmental data

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Project Canary offers the first continuous, real time, cost effective monitoring of fugitive gas emissions

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