Project Canary Upstream Guide

Four Reasons Responsibly Sourced Gas Reverses Headwinds for Upstream Operators and Helps Drive a Sustainable Future

Executive Summary

Headwinds tied to sustainability concerns and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting are challenging the upstream gas business model and market. Investors and lenders are looking beyond primary financial data to make informed investments and evaluate risks and returns. What’s more, pressure from downstream customers, policymakers, and employees for environmentally sustainable energy means upstream gas businesses must adopt best practices and push the needle forward even more as the economy moves toward decarbonization.

This guide helps operators quantify the risks, take action against the headwinds and build a competitive advantage by creating confidence in natural gas as a sustainable, decarbonization-compatible energy solution. It explores the benefits operators can harness by rigorously tracking methane emissions data, being transparent with the data, and adopting best practices to eliminate emissions.

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