Starting May 1, 2021, E&P operators in Colorado are required to monitor air quality at and/or around the pre-production and early production operations.

Join us on Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 11:00 AM MST for a briefing of the new air quality monitoring requirements in Colorado mandated by Regulation 7.

Project Canary was the only Energy Tech company to testify in the Regulation 7 rulemaking process, providing us a unique perspective to share with industry.

Our hosts Brian Miller, VP Growth & Policy, and Charlie Loesch, Senior Manager Growth & Policy, will cover: 

– The overall requirements for air quality monitoring
– What needs to be in your air quality monitoring plan
– Air quality monitoring system best practices

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There will be a question and answer period after the conclusion of the webinar. We welcome all E&P companies, consultants, ESG leaders and any other interested party to join. 

About Project Canary

Project Canary, an International Environmental Standards company based in Denver, Colorado, is a mission-driven B-Corporation accountable to a double bottom line of profit and the social good. We believe it is possible to create a financially successful, self-sustaining business that “does well and does good.” Our goal is to mitigate climate change by helping the oil and gas industry operate on a cleaner, more efficient, more sustainable basis. Our proven solutions provide real-time emissions monitoring and rigorous independent certification of oil and gas well sites for responsible operations.

Project Canary / IES solutions help energy companies Collect, Manage, Operationalize and Benefit from real-time environmental data.

Project Canary partners with the Colorado School of Mines Payne Institute to develop a collaborative environment for oil and gas companies and external parties to share best practices and insights garnered through continuous monitoring,



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About Project Canary

Project Canary offers the first continuous, real time, cost effective monitoring of fugitive gas emissions

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