Project Canary, an Independent Environmental Standards company, on March 11, 2021, presented a webinar briefing on Colorado’s new Regulation 7 and what it means for oil and gas operators.

Starting May 1, 2021, E&P operators in Colorado are required to monitor air quality at and/or around the pre-production and early production operations.

Charlie Losche, Senior Manager Growth & Policy, discussed the new requirements, how Regulation 7 impacts oil and gas operators and provided details on what needs to be in every Air Quality Monitoring Plan. The discussion prompted many questions, and Charlie’s insightful answers provide value.

See the replay below.


About Project Canary

Project Canary, an International Environmental Standards company based in Denver, Colorado, is a mission-driven B-Corporation accountable to a double bottom line of profit and the social good. We believe it is possible to create a financially successful, self-sustaining business that “does well and does good.” Our goal is to mitigate climate change by helping the oil and gas industry operate on a cleaner, more efficient, more sustainable basis. Our proven solutions provide real-time emissions monitoring and rigorous independent certification of oil and gas well sites for responsible operations.

Project Canary / IES solutions help energy companies Collect, Manage, Operationalize and Benefit from real-time environmental data.

Project Canary partners with the Colorado School of Mines Payne Institute to develop a collaborative environment for oil and gas companies and external parties to share best practices and insights garnered through continuous monitoring.


Charlie Losche
Senior Manager Growth & Policy