Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson has decades of experience working in the energy industry and government on energy and environmental policy, laws, and regulations, and developing projects. Mitigating climate change, education, community engagement and increasing value are forefront in his work on clean energy system integration and project development. Kyle offers insight from multiple vantage points and understands challenges and opportunities from diverse perspectives in the fields of energy, environment, politics, and project development with corporations; federal, state, and local governments; philanthropic organizations; and research and development companies. He works to connect public policy with business objectives to enhance value as large energy, social and economic systems transition to a decarbonized future.

Kyle has managed his own companies, lead the energy and environment consulting practice in several law and policy firms, and held executive positions in large energy and construction companies. While serving at the U.S. Department of Energy as Senior Advisor to the Secretary and Associate Deputy Secretary for Energy Programs, Kyle developed and managed domestic and international energy policy. He was responsible for the energy R&D programs for natural gas, renewable energy, nuclear energy, and energy efficiency and oversaw the management of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and the power marketing administrations. He has helped to create and worked on major U.S. and international environmental and energy initiatives to increase resource and product value, minimize the environmental impact of energy production and use, integrate systems for the use of renewable and natural gas resources and technologies, and make the production, delivery, and use of energy more efficient. Kyle is a graduate of Brown University and studied politics and history at Bath University in England.