Responsibly Sourced Gas

Transparency meets lower emissions: drive continued improvements in the energy supply chain.


Responsibly Sourced Gas is produced by companies that have undergone third-party assessments to verify that their operations have utilized the highest standards and practices in all phases of their operations, and are committed to continuous monitoring. It is also referred to as Certified Low Emissions Gas or Certified Gas.

Buying Responsibly Sourced Gas can reduce emissions by 80%+ and carbon footprint by up to 18%.

Project Canary RSG is very different than anyone else’s assessment or certification.

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How We Certify RSG:

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We perform rigorous environmental and operational assessments at the facility-level

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Project Canary installs state of the art continuous emissions sensors at each facility

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Project Canary issues a certificate stating that the facility meets RSG standards

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Demonstrate ESG commitments with trusted, verifiable data.

Today, environmental reporting of emissions and air quality is based on outdated estimates, which have wide degrees of variability/accuracy. Status quo evaluations of operations lack an independent, rigorous and holistic review of risk and integrity. Project Canary Certification, combined with continuous monitoring, gives operators empirical data from actual operations, making ESG reporting verifiable and allowing for the development of go-to-market RSG.

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Capitalize on RSG markets.

The emerging market for RSG provides companies with an opportunity to realize a premium price on a differentiated, responsibly produced commodity, and meet increasing demands from investors, regulators and buyers.

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Attract and retain long-term investors.

Investors are approaching the energy sector with caution. Trusted, independently collected and managed environmental data provides investors the confidence they need to evaluate and validate environmental performance.

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Optimize operational assets.

Real-time emissions data gives operations personnel the information they need to quickly detect, locate, and fix leaks. Reducing fugitive emissions allows operators to improve performance and capitalize on a product that would have otherwise leaked into the atmosphere.

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Reduce the cost of capital.

Lenders are assessing environmental performance in their risk and pricing analyses. ESG factors are increasingly included in loan covenants. Evidencing strong environmental performance using trusted, independent data helps reduce the cost of capital.