Performance Proof

Our performance proof initiative provides absolute confidence that the independent procedures at Project Canary® are verified through trusted third-party sources.


Net-zero needs accuracy and independent data. Project Canary customers can now choose an additional layer of 3rd party data review to produce unassailable emissions performance reports, adding further support for our independence and our commitment to providing high-fidelity operational and emissions data.

Leverage the most trusted third-party procedures to confirm that your company meets the highest standards of operation with increased transparency and accountability.

Big Four Audit

Added trust and transparency

We have engaged the services of a Big Four audit and consulting firm to provide System and Organizational Controls (SOC). SOC reports utilize independent, third-party auditors to examine various aspects of a company to provide added assurance that an organization’s controls are designed and operating effectively. SOC1 and SOC2 reports assess:

  • Internal standards
  • Procedures
  • Controls
  • Technology supporting our solutions

Payne Institute

at the Colorado School of Mines

Assessment from one of the nation’s most prestigious energy-focused institutions

Project Canary has partnered with the Payne Institute to offer a separate assessment program to meet customer needs. The Payne Institute will perform third-party assessments of all Project Canary internal controls and data analysis.

payne institute logo transparent

The measurement economy is here.

The measurement economy is here. Promises aren’t enough – you need independent proof. Through our performance proof initiative, we’re proud to provide this added layer of trust and transparency to customers who require additional validation.

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