Environmental Assessments

ESG matters more than ever. Get assessed and prove your commitment.

Our Environmental Assessments Evaluate Responsibility Across Four Key Categories:

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Reduce GHG Emissions

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Demonstrate responsible water stewardship

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Mitigate operational risks and impacts on localized environments

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Emphasize the local community’s needs and interests

Freshwater Metrics Validated by Academia

Colorado Water CenterWater use evaluation has always been a key focus of our Environmental Assessment. Project Canary’s program features freshwater use metrics validated by Colorado State University’s Center for Energy Water Sustainability. The Fresh Water Replacement Ratio (FR2) addresses the degree to which an operator offsets competitive water usage and minimizes impacts in areas with water scarcity issues while also considering geographic water stress factors.

How We Stack Up:

Trusted and Independent

A Project Canary® environmental assessment is the operational performance certification standard. Our rating demonstrates the most comprehensive assessment and ongoing monitoring process available.

Engineering Rigor

Project Canary environmental assessments are grounded in oil and gas engineering standards and built with end-to-end industry expertise.

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