Project Canary® is the leading certifier of responsible operations throughout the energy value chain. We provide measurement-based emission profiles via continuous monitoring technology.


What We Do

Project Canary is the leader in the rating and certification of responsible energy operating practices and provides science and technology-backed emission profiles via continuous monitoring IoT devices synced with a real-time dashboard. Project Canary Upstream (TrustWell®) Certifications, Midstream Certifications, and Canary Continuous Monitoring help identify the most responsible energy supply chain operators.

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Project Canary certifications are the highest standard for environmental performance data. It creates a standard of record for E&P, midstream and other energy supply chain operators. Using a holistic system that accounts for how operations impact land, air, water and the community, we work with companies trying to achieve the highest ESG standards and production of responsibly sourced gas aka certified low emissions gas.

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pc icon netzero circle  Continuous Monitoring

The journey doesn’t end after certification. We install high-fidelity hardware onsite that records emissions in real-time. From methane to TVOCs, our Canary devices allow you to catch and remediate leaks in real-time.

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Our Canary devices transmit data to our Real-Time Dashboard every minute. From wind speed to site-level alerts, our visualization platform allows you to rapidly parse data and respond to issues in real-time.

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