• Brian Miller led the strategic communications, government and external relations functions at Noble Energy (now Chevron).
  • Miller brings a deep understanding of the technical and strategic challenges energy companies face in achieving their environment, social and governance
  • Tasked with helping design comprehensive solutions tailored to unique customer needs.

DENVER, February 1, 2021 — Project Canary, an International Environmental Standards company and a leading provider of environmental solutions for the global energy industry, today announced that Brian Miller has joined the company as Vice President of Growth and Policy. For nearly seven years, Brian served in executive roles at Noble Energy, including overseeing all external affairs for the company’s US Onshore businesses.  He is a seasoned leader with experience solving complex issues that involve multiple stakeholders.

Most recently, Brian was a Vice President at EIS Solutions (now The 76 Group), a leading environmental and political consulting firm. In this role, he provided strategic advice and counsel to a broad range of clients in areas such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, corporate strategy, and market development.

In this new position, Brian will work alongside Project Canary’s leadership team to build revenue growth and to position the company as an expert resource for enhanced environmental performance. His responsibilities include business development, solution design, project management and customer success. Brian will play a lead role in assisting customers develop comprehensive solutions to achieve their business and environmental  objectives.

Chris Romer, Chief Executive Officer, said, “I am thrilled to welcome Brian to the Project Canary team. Having worked as a leader in the upstream sector for over two decades, he brings both hands-on experience and the strategic perspective needed to understand the complex challenges energy companies face in achieving their environmental performance goals. Brian has the business acumen, technical expertise and leadership qualities needed to help Project Canary grow by helping customers implement comprehensive environmental performance solutions based on trusted data.”

“I am excited to join the Project Canary team and to play a role in helping clients meet their goals and in shaping how the energy industry transitions to a low-carbon future,” said Miller. “Project Canary has the most comprehensive environmental performance solution available in the market, including continuous emissions monitoring, rigorous operations certification and a robust environmental data platform. These combined capabilities provide customers with real-time, actionable and trusted environmental data they can use to improve operations and evidence ESG performance. Our team’s deep scientific knowledge, technical expertise, strategic relationships and energy sector experience makes Project Canary the go-to resource.”


About Project Canary

Project Canary, an International Environmental Standards company based in Denver, Colorado, is a mission-driven B-Corporation accountable to a double bottom line of profit and the social good. We believe it is possible to create a financially successful, self-sustaining business that “does well and does good.” Our goal is to mitigate climate change by helping the oil and gas industry operate on a cleaner, more efficient, more sustainable basis. Our proven solutions provide real-time emissions monitoring and rigorous independent certification of oil and gas well sites for responsible operations.

Project Canary / IES solutions help energy companies Collect, Manage, Operationalize and Benefit from real-time environmental data.

Project Canary partners with the Colorado School of Mines Payne Institute to develop a collaborative environment for oil and gas companies and external parties to share best practices and insights garnered through continuous monitoring,



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Chris Romer
Co-Founder and CEO