Project Canary’s environmental solutions help companies use trusted data to generate operational efficiencies, best practices and positive business results.


TrustWell™ Certification

Our Trustwell™ certification provides opportunities for clients to prioritize actions, empower employees, and support existing and new ESG reporting.

Once a company has undergone the Trustwell™ certification process, it receives a rating based on its Performance Score and Inherent Profile.

TrustWell Disposal Well Evaluated

Trustwell Rated

  • Actively Improving
  • Demonstrated dedication to continuous improvement
TrustWell Disposal Well Silver

Trustwell Silver

  • Good
  • Second quartile performance going above and beyond basic requirements.
TrustWell Disposal Well Gold

Trustwell Gold

  • Very Good
  • First quartile performance with highly effective risk management practices.
TrustWell Disposal Well Silver

Trustwell Platinum

  • Best-in-Class
  • Top 10% of peers with a demonstrated mastery over risk control and implementation, integration of additional above-and-beyond measures.

Gain Access to TrustWell™ Report

Real Time Alerts

The Environmental Data Platform is configured to provide real-time alerts of emissions events at specific locations, providing the information needed to act quickly to locate and remediate events quickly and efficiently.


Machine learning algorithms help identify sources of leaks so operations teams can prioritize their efforts.


Our reporting provides trusted data, allowing for credible ESG reports and ongoing validation of our Trustwell Certifications. Management teams can use our empirical, turnkey reports to demonstrate clean operations and to prove the success of their environmental initiatives.


About Project Canary

Project Canary is the data-driven foundation of the energy ESG marketplace. We accelerate progress to net-zero with continuous monitoring and uncompromising certification technology.

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