Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS)

Digital measurement, reporting, and verification across the carbon value chain.

Deploying Carbon Capture & Sequestration projects at scale requires transparent data-driven solutions to establish confidence across all stakeholders. Project Canary’s digital measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) platform will increase the accuracy, efficacy, and transparency of CCS facility-level data across each industry segment, providing trusted measurable insights on environmental risks and performance.

A New Framework For CCS

To help secure your social license to operate, CCS projects must transparently demonstrate safe, permanent carbon storage in specific, evaluated, and approved geologic formations. Project Canary is working with Denbury Inc., IMA Financial Group Inc., Enerflex Ltd., Wolf Carbon Solutions U.S., and Advanced Resources International to support the development of third-party independent environmental assessments and data measurement for CCS.

Our MRV process focuses on measuring and verifying better-produced hydrocarbons out of the ground while also measuring and verifying safe, permanent carbon storage back into the ground. As we build out our products and services, we look forward to partnering with market leaders to become the trusted provider of third-party verified climate attributes for the CCS space.

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Increase the accuracy, efficacy, and transparency of CCS facility-level data

Differentiate projects, players, and CO2 molecules to all interested stakeholders

Maximize the efficiency of capital allocation

Catalyze market-based incentives and models

Secure social license to operate

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CCS Advisors

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