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Project Canary Certifications: Midstream Independent third-party certification of your commitment to responsibility through operational excellence and environmental stewardship.

Canary Certifications are focused on longevity. Responsible, sustainable operations have gone from a nice to have to a need to have in order for midstream companies to adapt and thrive as they continue to navigate the ongoing energy transition.

At Project Canary, we understand the diversity of assets and operations in and across the midstream sector.  Accordingly, our Midstream Certification has been customized for 3 sub-sectors of the midstream industry — Gathering and Boosting, Processing and Fractionation, and Transmission and Storage.

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Our policy addresses the governing standards established by midstream companies pertaining to all elements of operations including pipelines and compressor stations.

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Our plan is particular to midstream companies’ operations in a given region.

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Our execution is location-specific and validates that best practices are utilized and followed.

Local Factors (Pipeline)

  • Capacity
  • Age
  • Distance/Mileage
  • Weather Severity
  • Proximity to Population
  • Land Sensitivity
  • Corrosive Fluids

Control Measures

  • Integrity Management
  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
  • Venting/GHG Emission Mitigation & Monitoring
  • Compressor Package
  • Spill Prevention/Response
  • Operational Impacts & Reclamation
  • Emergency Response
  • Community Outreach

Project Canary Continuous Monitoring

Canary Continuous Monitoring means midstream companies can assure stakeholders they are using the most effective, advanced technology to reduce methane intensity.

Every few seconds, 24/7, Project Canary sensors monitor, measure and record emissions of methane and VOCs. Every second the sensors report the data averages to the cloud.

Independent, third-party data allows midstream companies to provide assurances that methane and GHG intensity levels are being achieved, providing customers a differentiated Responsibly Sourced Gas alternative.

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