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Registries Meet the RSG Revolution

Increasingly buyers and sellers of natural gas molecules want to understand the environmental footprint of how the molecules are produced and transported. The markets want more verifiable data to differentiate molecules and understand the environmental impact of the entire energy supply chain – considering factors like methane intensity, water usage, land and community impacts, and safety record. Buyers can set the standards for the gas they want to purchase and use market pressure to help reduce emissions and other environmental impacts to accelerate decarbonization.  

As the demand for differentiated or Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG) evolves, buyers seek more data and insights – such as how the methane intensity is determined (estimates or measurement) or whether continuous emission monitors (or other leak detection devices) are being used. Other challenges include connecting gas buyers with the available supply through existing physical delivery systems and avoiding double counting.  

Enter the World of Blockchain Registries.

Separating the physical delivery of the molecule from the verifiable attributes via electronic market platforms promotes more efficiency, liquidity, and transparency to accelerate the emergence of a global RSG market and further drives supply and demand growth. Registries provide multi-stakeholder confidence to track, transfer and retire environmental attributes on blockchain registries to facilitate the development of the Responsibly Sourced Gas market, avoiding double counting and ensuring a proper chain of ownership.    

In a rapidly advancing technological environment, digitization of the energy infrastructure and associated commodities is a critical component to the success of climate action and methane abatement. Registries help traders and buyers understand the environmental footprint of a natural gas molecule from production through transportation. This reliably accurate data enables buyers to drive change towards more responsibly sourced gas and rewards sellers for playing a critical role in decarbonization.   


At Project Canary, we want to offer our customers choices, so we are working with various registries to upload verifiable environmental attributes. We seek to provide customers with the same level of rigor used to verify the environmental attributes to also track, transact, and retire such attributes properly. 

What Are Registries? ​

  • Registries are blockchain-backed private accounting ledgers that track ownership and verify environmental attributes and digital commodities 
  • Blockchain-based ledgers for emissions provide stakeholders with trustworthy and secure data 
  • The growing demand for RSG brings a need for verifiable data behind environmental attributes 
  • Registries stand for trust and efficiency, ensuring that the data behind environmental attributes and digital commodities are transparent, trusted, and traceable 

Why Do They Matter? ​

  • Registries help to solve three critical problems facing the energy transition: the inability to trace, the difficulty to transact, and the need to retire the environmental attributes as they move in the marketplace 
  • Registries convey a greater breadth of information, providing buyers with more choices to select various desired levels or standards for a particular environmental attribute 
  • They help energy companies expand the demand base as the delivery of the physical commodity can be separated from the environmental commitments, and more buyers can be found   
  • We have many customers currently using various registries, including those with whom we partner  
  • Registries can provide interoperability and authenticity to increase liquidity and transparency, which are the bedrock of trust

Why Does Project Canary Partner With Specific Registries? ​

  • We believe in the power of markets to drive change. Our combined offering provides exciting capabilities to accelerate the adoption of differentiated responsible sourced gas (RSG) on terms that meet the needs of both sellers and buyers  
  • Project Canary believes alignment with registries should be driven by customer needs and remains agnostic to any registries that best serve our customers’ business  
  • We provide the market with the independent measurements and assessments needed to verify these environmental attributes, such as low methane intensity or low water attributes  
  • Working with trusted registries helps our customers track, transfer, and retire these attributes 
  • Interoperability aligns with our strategy of driving the market to buy/sell certified gas, aka climate attributes that meet a Buyer’s standard

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