Measurement Economy


Make choices based on data, not estimates

In so many aspects of the economy and our daily lives, estimates simply won’t suffice. A bank wouldn’t accept an estimate on your credit score. You wouldn’t agree to an estimated interest rate on your home. You definitely wouldn’t say yes to an estimated salary. So why would you accept estimates when it comes to something as important (and increasingly public) as environmental impact?

You take 20,000 breaths per day. Air quality matters to each and every one of us but methane leaks are eroding our air and climate. And yet companies are relying on estimates when it comes to their impact on air quality that affects you personally every day.

Until recently, methane emissions have been calculated using estimates. Worse still, the estimates are done as few as 4x per year. Plainly, the estimates have also been proven to be inaccurate and result in underreporting and inaction.

The Project Canary® Advantage:

The measurement economy is here. And Project Canary is ready to lead the way. We can’t reduce something we can’t measure. To effectively curb methane emissions, companies need actionable data. Real-time, continuous monitoring empowers companies to plan, refine, and measure success. Pad-level ESG data that reports 24/7 to a SaaS dashboard is the only clear answer to support net-zero pledges and the energy transition we’re in the midst of.

Transparency Self-reporting is simply not enough. Project Canary’s high-fidelity monitoring is independent and transparent, providing stakeholders with the information they need to make data-driven decisions.

Always-on monitoring While some systems take weekly or monthly measurements; our field sensors provide continuous readings giving you down to the minute information.

Unbeatable accuracy Our devices detect <0.1 grams per second. Other systems, such as satellites, are 1,000X less precise. Our high-fidelity data helps you quantify the problem so you can quantify your progress.

Real-time insights Methane leaks are preventable if you have the technology in place to detect them. Our dashboard-enabled monitoring system gives you a complete picture of your site and allows you to catch small leaks before they become big ones.

Satellite Resolution

satellite resolution

Data from Pulse by GHGSat
(2,000m x 2,000m)


Project Canary Resolution

project canary resolution

Project Canary Facility-Level Resolution
(.01m x .01m)


pc icon gas responsiblysourced circle

Spotlight on Intermittent Emissions

Super emitters grab headlines, but because we calculate actual emissions instead of estimating, we’ve found that cutting down intermittent emissions is a critical part of responsible production. Some leaks last for only seconds or minutes, but these small leaks add up to substantial emissions over time.

Project Canary continuous monitoring provides you with down-to-the-second data that allows you to catch all leaks, not just the big ones.


Project Canary Performance Proof

Net-zero needs accuracy and independent data. Project Canary customers can now choose an additional layer of 3rd party data review to produce unassailable emissions performance reports, adding further support for our independence and our commitment to providing high-fidelity operational and emissions data.

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