Investment Differentiation & Sustainability Linked Financing

Use key environmental metrics to differentiate your company and quantify improvement.


Investors and lenders are looking beyond primary financial data to make informed investments and evaluate risks and returns.

Environmental assessments using trusted, independent data from Project Canary provide stakeholders with the confidence they need to track and validate overall performance.

What We Deliver

Project Canary’s data collection and monitoring platform is the most accurate representation of actual, measured methane emissions from a facility. Our environmental assessments raise standards and drive improvements across all assets, offering investors holistic, comparable ESG scores across companies.


Empirical emissions data and engineering-based environmental assessment scores enable our customers to share key ESG metrics with investors and lenders -- showcasing their net-zero progress.


Project Canary data establishes meaningful KPIs that track annual improvements and comply with the Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles.


Project Canary ESG data and scoring allow investors and financial markets to differentiate environmental performance across public and private operators.

“The ability to quantify environmental performance data is becoming increasingly important as owners and investors prioritize greenhouse gas emissions reduction and adapt to a global economy that is moving toward net-zero,” said Bruce Hogg, Managing Director, Head of Sustainable Energies at CPP Investments. “Project Canary’s solutions have been used within our portfolio companies and this investment in a high-growth area represents a meaningful addition to our Sustainable Energies program.”

- Bruce Hogg, Managing Director, Head of Sustainable Energies at CPP Investments

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